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Opsgenie Monitoring Dashboard

Get Opsgenie alerts with PowerShell via REST API. It is a full featured monitoring dashboard. Moreover, it has the ability to trigger sound alarm for specified priorities. With the build in config you have the flexibility to monitor whatever you need.

PowerShell Remote Monitoring

Agent-less monitoring tool. Relies on WinRM over HTTPS and Windows Task Scheduler. There is a functionality similar to Nagios for example custom scripts (NRPE plugin). Much more features you wont see in a regular Nagios.

System Information and Remote Execution

Get software and hardware information from remote computers by WMI classes and Registry. Send script (Batch, PS, VBS, Python, etc.) on remote system and execute it as a local process. Key features: Responsive GUI, Command line support, multi-threading and multi-tasking, save/load config files in plain text or AES256 encrypted. Output is generated in HTML file, found issues are highlighted. Stable and beta versions will be released regularly with new features and bug fixes.

Lockouts – Get Lockout Location

Find lockout location (computer) of domain user(s). Query PDC or all domain controllers.

UserInfo – Domain Account Activity

Verify domain user activity and status in all domain controller. Unlock multiple accounts from text file.

PS-Synth : The ultimate microtonal synthesizer

The freedom to create experimental music with any microtonal intervals in any temperament. Ability to set your own preferences like A4 pitch, sound duration and number of tones per octave.