Download: version 1.00

Verify domain user activity and status in all domain controller.

  • Check if the account is enabled
  • Lockout date and time, lockout counter
  • Unlock account or multiple accounts from all domain controllers.
  • Last logon/authenticated in the domain, logon counter
  • Find last bad password
  • Password changed for last time
  • Get user’s password expiry date
  • Get account expiry date

Command line examples:

.\UserInfo.ps1 -User user123
.\UserInfo.ps1 user123 -Details -Unlock -ComputerOwner
.\UserInfo.ps1 user123 -Details -Unlock -Server
.\UserInfo.ps1 user123 -Details -Unlock -Domain -Export Results.txt

If authentication is required type credentials in the command line. They will be encrypted.

.\UserInfo.ps1 user123 -Credential myDomain\myAccount:myPassword

Prompt a window to type account and password:

.\UserInfo.ps1 user123 -Credential myDomain\myAccount

Unlock multiple accounts. Input the lists from text file:

.\UserInfo.ps1 -UsersFromFile users.txt -Details -Unlock
.\UserInfo.ps1 -UsersFromFile users.txt -Unlock -PDC
.\UserInfo.ps1 -UsersFromFile users.txt -Unlock -Server
.\UserInfo.ps1 -UsersFromFile users.txt -Unlock -Domain -PDC -Export Results.txt
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