State of Survival – [KNH]NightHounds clan

Welcome to the official KNH webpage. Here you will find tips for future events and our strategy.
Website owner – Slaughtermind

Who we are

  • The Night Hounds are peaceful and active community.
  • Our society has been formed by good people with manners.
  • Attacking Settlements is strictly forbidden for us.
  • Attacking Headquarters or alliance buildings is strictly forbidden.
  • We never seek for revenge but always defend ourselves.


Permanent Discord invite for KNH clan:

State 241 Discord invite:
If you join the state server, please add [KNH] prefix to your nickname from the server itself.

For troubles, suggestions or other topics related to KNH, please send us an email on following address:

Recruiter: G0dS3nt
Diplomats: Migalig, G0dS3nt, Slaughtermind

Details for administering team mailbox. Only R5 and R4 members have access. Contact Slaughtermind for credentials. Third party mail client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) integration is possible.
Web-based mail client is reachable from any of these links:

Administrators: Migalig, G0dS3nt, Slaughtermind, Leonidas, Gnarv, Ross760

State 241 rules 3.0

© @Daddy Yoda , June 22, 2020 on Discord

Peace Time
NAP (Non-aggression pact) for the Top 25 alliances. One attack limit per base during peace time. Absolutely NO ZEROING EVER!

War Time:

  1. In the event of war. War must be declared in leader chat and justified.
  2. No other alliances may intervene.
  3. War between the two alliances is strictly between those two alliances.
  4. War time will not exceed 5 days or when an alliance surrenders, which ever comes first.
  5. A 24 hour cease fire will be in place of war between two alliances if the war time overlaps a bunker/facility/capital event and will resume after cease fire if the two alliances have not agreed to peace during the cease fire.

Bunker rules:

  1. No alliance will occupy more then two bunkers and one facility at one time.
  2. No reconing or attacking other alliance bases before or during bunker and facility fights.

Kill Event rules:

  1. No alliance in the Top 20 will attack any bases outside of the top 20. All attacks must be directed at farming plots by top 20 alliance members when attacking a non top 20 alliance member.
  2. Alliances 21 or greater may attack bases freely.
  3. Absolutely no zeroing. Once troops start to die you must stop your attack on that base.

To ensure that there are no strong members picking on smaller members, players are forbidden from attacking other bases four HQ levels lower then them or more. This rule is exempt when a higher level HQ is joining the rally of a lower level HQ.

These rules will be in effect for 60 days from the time they are put into place. After the 60 days, leaders will gather to decide on further action for the state and which rules to keep or remove.

Any alliance who chooses not to abide by the state rules will not be protected by these rules. You may not pick one rule you don’t like and ignore that rule. The rules must be followed as a whole or non at all.

PC / Phone / Tablet gameplay

For best experience play the game on a PC at home and from a mobile device on the go. The saves are automatic. When you start the game from another device you will always have the latest state.

  1. Transferring the game save between mobile device and PC requires account binding.
    • Click on your profile on the top left corner of the screen.
    • Go to Settings > Account > Bind Account. Choose your best.
  2. Download BlueStacks android emulator. Setup your profile as you do on a phone.
  3. Exit the game from your phone/tablet.
  4. Repeat instructions from step 1 on BlueStacks.

Never make an attempt to start the game simultaneously from different devices with same Google/Facebook/VK profile. The game does not support multi instance playing because it is unfair. If you try, below message will appear.

War Time

Handling attacks and recon/scouting

Powerful alliances like [BIG] are constantly attacking random KNH members. They don’t like organized people who might be a threat in the future. Any form of attack is provoking a war by completely destroying a player’s HQ, stolen resources, killed troops.

The motto of powerful alliances is “If you are not with us, you are against us”. Usually weak alliances can not handle continues attacks and eventually join their enemies. If you want to join them, think about the consequences. They are going to treat you as a complete fool, exploiting your power and skills. Even worse, they may force you to be a traitor or attack your old friends. When you are no longer needed, you will be kicked out without any explanation. It is like a real life scenario. Do you really want to live in a toxic environment or be with friends who will always respect you no matter what you do?

Defending and avoid wars

  1. Be always prepared to lose most resources so always maximize your Warehouse first to protect them. Trade your excessive resources in the Trading Post.
  2. Use Peace Flare from the alliance store. Don’t use it frequently, because you will exhaust alliance funds.
  3. Reinforce someone else with peace flare.
  4. Hide your troops in Blast Shelter. The capacity is limited, hide best ones.
  5. If you are under attack Relocate immediately by Advanced Relocator. Buy it from alliance store. Always have one in your backpack.

Team play

Regular missions:

  1. Infected Hunter / Travis event.
    • Only rally leader sends full army. All other players must join with 1 troop only. Since the capacity is limited, don’t occupy all slots for a weak hunter. Let more people to join. Everyone gets same rewards no matter how strong you are.
  2. Rallies. Here are the minimum BPs requirements for the respective level:
    • Level 3 – 1.5M Battle power of all joined players
    • Level 4 – 6.0M BP
    • Level 5 – 15M BP / HQ 24 with 400K slots could win
  3. Plague Zones. First of all make sure you have about 100 stamina.
    • Never start a fight alone. Communicate with the team.
    • Always check on Events Billboard > Events > Plague Zone
    • Join a Strike Team if there is any.
    • If there is non, start new fight with highest possible level
    • Invite online players
    • Start 2 minute rally for Menace and Matriarch. Lone player can’t win.

Note: Always include Travis as a hero to reduce stamina consumption by 20%.

Rare Items:

Every day you can obtain rare items by helping your team. Go to Wilderness > Find a member who needs help > Click on help icon > Click on respective building. See the example below. Players have the option to stay anonymous when they obtain rare items. Find this option in the settings.

Obtain rare items by helping your mates.


Kill Stage

  1. Never attack settlements. Only resource attacks are allowed.
  2. Gathering during the event is on your risk.
  3. If you are unable to progress, please get permission from Slaughtermind to attack his 2nd account [TUD]Undertaker. Usually it is OK to attack this account.

Influencer Trap

Influencer Trap opens on every 2 days at 18:00 UTC unless something else is discussed in advance. There is an alliance bookmark to see when we are supposed to open it.

Rally leaders: Riftkeeper, Mangler666, Gnarv, Rogue One

How to lead and join rallies:
1. Riftkeeper and Mangler666 start 2 rallies simultaneously.
2. 2.5 minutes later Gnarv and Rogue One start new rallies simultaneously.
3. All online players must join in quickest rally with riders and hunters only. NO INFANTRY!

After the event finish, make sure you donate enough to fill it to the top.

Infected Horde

This is a rare event, once per 2 weeks. R4 or R5 member must ring the bell at 18:00 UTC unless something else is discussed in advance. All players must have their troops at home. Otherwise you will not earn points.

Waves 7, 14 and 17: The infected will target a few settlements with stronger numbers. So reinforce those being attacked near you.

Wave 10 and 20: The Infected will attack the alliance HQ, so reinforce it with high level troops. Let our strongest players reinforce first (Riftkeeper, Mangler666, Gnarv).

Tips: In order to earn max possible points, reinforce others by equalizing the troops. Always keep an army in your settlement. For example if you have 4 leaderships, reinforce 3 players and keep last one for yourself.

The strength of horde waves rise in geometric progression and that makes them unpredictable. After every wave check how much time is required to heal the troops. If the healing process exceeds 3-4 minutes, means it is time to recall and defend yourself only. If it is so, you may survive next wave, but the wave after that you will be fucked for sure.

Alliance Showdown

  1. Register on LEFT and CENTRAL lanes only. We sacrifice right lane due to low number of participants. We have enough team members for now so we no longer sacrificing lanes.
  2. Update your troops few minutes/hours before the registration ends.
  3. This is an automatic event. Does not require any action.

Alliance Throwdown

  1. There are only 7 attempts to complete chosen challenge unless you buy more attempts with biocaps (they are limited to 3 additional attempts per day).
  2. Do not accept impossible challenges like 6k gear, bundles, 10k biocaps.
  3. Accepted challenge must be completed. There is no retry! If you fail, you fail for good!
  4. Combine a single effort for multiple events/challenges. For example combine daily rewards with Intel Missions and 20 infected challenge; gathering with 20 million resource challenge; trail missions with 15 trail challenge, etc.
  5. R4 members must delete meaningless and impossible challenges like the one show below. See the bin icon on top right corner. After 30 minutes new challenge will appear.
  6. Always start with quickest and simplest ones. Leave the longest and toughest at the end.
  7. If you want to earn decent points, save your speedups, hero parts, fragments, etc. and use them during the event!

The entire Throwdown event is divided by goal point. At certain checkpoint you can withdraw rewards – personal and team. This is a team event not a personal one. Please be careful what you accepting and make sure you finish it.

General Information

Headquarters upgrade requirements

These are raw build times without any enhancements.

Unfair game play in power states

A feedback about the terrible game play in other states.
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